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Solar Mobile

Solar Scooter Italia

EM5000 The Solar-Scooter Italia is a really special electric scooter.
The mad at the Solar Scooter Italia is its retro design.
The Solar-Scooter Italia looks like a fine old scooter. We, of course, run on electricity. From the solar-electric scooter scooter Italia, there are two models: The SCI-2038 and the SCI-3038


SC 25

EM5000 The main model of the firm solar-mobil-gmbh is the SC-25 or advertised Solar Scooter 25th
The SC-25 electric scooter can be driven with a Mofazulassung.
The maximum speed of electric scooters SC-25 is then throttled to 25 mph.
Otherwise, the speed limit of the SC-25, even 45 km / h.


Solar Hybrid Scooter

EM5000 The solar-scooter hybrid is not a pure electric scooter, but a hybrid scooter.
The solar-electric scooter scooter hybrid can be operated with electricity, gasoline or mix mode.
This has the advantage that one can arbitrarily increase the range of the solar-scooter hybrid.
The electric scooter batteries, the Solar-scooter hybrid is the way, loaded, off the gasoline engine will be added soon!


Solar Scooter Sport

EM5000 The Solar Electric scooter Scooter Sport is like the name says sporty.
The exact model for the Solar Scooter Sport is SCP li.on 3540th
The Solar Scooter Sport and li.on SCP-3540 has an engine with 3500 watts of power.
With this engine is the SCP-3540 li.on more than well equipped.
The range of the Solar Scooter Sport / SCP-3540 li.on at maximum speed is 60 km.