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The total area of the city of Munich is 31,000 hectares. Munich is therefore to Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Dresden and Bremen, the sixth largest city in Germany. In big cities is worth a special electric scooter. The advantages are obvious. The electric scooter travels inexpensively. Moreover, finding a parking space is scarce and they escape any jam. Of the more than 310 km ² 44% of the buildings and associated open space, 17% transport, 15% agricultural land, 15% to recreational areas, 4% to woodlands, 1% water and another 2% to other land uses. Includes the border town of 118.9 kilometers. The greatest expansion of the urban area is 20.7 kilometers from north to south and 26.9 kilometers from east to west.



Eroll Berlin

The Industrial Revolution transformed Berlin during the nineteenth century, the city economy and population expanded dramatically, and it was the most important rail hub and economic center of Germany. Additional suburbs soon developed and increased the size and population of Berlin. In 1861, suburbs including Wedding, Moabit, and several others taken in Berlin. In 1871 Berlin became the capital of the newly founded German Empire. On 1 April 1881 has been separated a district of Brandenburg. It is definitely worth it in Berlin, using an electric scooter. There are even petrol stations where you can recharge the battery of the electric scooter.




Hamburg was destroyed and occupied several times. In 845 a fleet of 600 ships came to Viking of the Elbe and destroyed Hamburg, at that time a city with about 500 inhabitants. In 1030 the city was burned down by King Mieszko II Lambert of Poland. Valdemar II of Denmark attacked and occupied Hamburg in 1201 and 1214th The Black Death killed at least 60% of the population in Hamburg 1350th Hamburg had several great fires, the most notable in 1284 and 1842nd In 1842, about one quarter of the city center was destroyed during the "Great Fire". The fire began on the night of the 4th May 1842 and was on 8 May extinguished It destroyed three churches, the town hall and many other buildings, killed 51 people and estimated 20,000 homeless. Reconstruction took more than 40 years. Hamburg was a short period of Napoleon I () 1810-14 in the appendix. Russian troops under General Bennigsen finally freed the city in 1814. During World War II Hamburg suffered a series of air raids, which killed 42.000 civilians. On 16 February 1962 a heavy storm left the same to an all-time high rise, flooding one fifth of Hamburg and killing more than 300 people. Is of course the famous harbor, the Reperbahn. A tour by electric scooter at the port is always worthwhile. The port area is beautiful.




In the 20th Century, reached the flood three hundred years in Cologne from 1926, 1993 and 1995 Water levels of up to 10.69 meters. They would have needed a fast electric scooter to escape these floods. Since 2005, a flood policy is implemented, protects by fixed or movable walls, the city, up to a level of 11.90 meters. Several times, the Rhine, but kept a low tide. On 20 September 2003 by 8 clock reached the Rhine at Cologne, the level mark of 0.80 meters. So were the lowest recorded value was in 1947. However, the mean level of 0.00 meters, the 150-meter-wide channel in the middle of the river further 1 meter of water. The river had suffered severe limitations, but not listed as the same.




Frankfurt is an electric scooter mecca. Many bankers take the electric scooter to work. Historically, Frankfurt is one of the most important cities in the following Holy Roman Empire. Selected from 855 of the German kings and emperors in Frankfurt and crowned in Aachen. From 1562 the kings / emperors were also in Frankfurt, Maximilian II, crowned as the first. This tradition ended in 1792, was chosen as Francis II. His coronation was aware of the Bastille Day, 14 July is the anniversary of the storming of the Bastille. The election and coronation took place in the Cathedral of St. Bartholomew's, known as the Tower or in its predecessor.

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