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Electric scooter solar Mobile

solar-mobile The company Solar-Mobil offers 5 different models of electric scooters.
And while the solar scooter SC-25, Solar-Scooter Italia SC-2038, Solar-Scooter Italia SC-3038, Solar Scooter Sport li.on SCP-3540 and a hybrid model of the solar hybrid scooter SCH-0820


Geco-electric scooter scooter

geco Scooter GUF also known as Geco-scooter.
The company Geco-scooters currently offers 3 models of electric scooters.
The GECO joy fun, GECO and GECO 2. Prices range from 1249th - EUR for the GECO joy to 2199th - EUR for the GECO 2nd The GECO 2 is made in Germany.


Electric scooter Innoscooter

Innoscooter 6 electric scooter models offering the Company Innoscooter.
Current e-scooter models: Innoscooter EM2000, EM2500 Innoscooter, Innoscooter LITHIUM-EM2500, EM6000 Maxi-Lithium Innoscooter,
Innoscooter EM5000 lithium Sports and Innoscooter Jagas12z


IO-Scooter Electric Scooter

io-scooter The company IO-scooter currently offers 2 models of electric scooters and some special models.