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Electric scooter cost

Electronic roller-Free The electric scooter costs are made up of several types of costs.
The electric scooters can cost into the cost of electric scooter, electric scooter costs and ongoing costs for maintenance and repair of the electric scooter.

The cost of an electric scooter is between 800th - and 4000 EUR - EUR.
A good electric scooter which one does not want to use every day you get for about 1500 .- EUR.
Generally, the more you should e-scooter uses the more more you spend on an electric scooter.
E-scooter costs: Item 1 electric scooter cost.

The running costs are made up of scooters to and from the battery power consumption costs.
You should check with the purchase of an electric scooter electric scooter for the following costs:

1. How much power consumption of the e-scooter to 100 kilometers.
On average, consume electricity at 4 kWh electric scooter 100km. Thus, the current cost is about 80 cents to 100km.

2. How much cost a purchase of electric scooter battery and how many cycles the battery can cope.
If a battery as 200th - USD costs and electric scooter battery can be recharged 500x (500 cycles), then a cycle costs 40 cents.
If you have this electric scooter battery, a range of 50km. Then be the costs of battery electric scooter 80 cents to 100km.

In this example, the current electric scooter costs EUR 1.60 would therefore be over 100 kilometers. (Calculating electricity costs 80 cents + 80 cents battery charge)

More electric scooter running costs are the costs for insurance and taxes.

The electric scooter battery for maintenance and repair are of course difficult to predict. As a rule of thumb one can 5% of the purchase price per year, as casualties as electric scooters cost.