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Electric scooter battery

roller_batterien_elektro The electric scooter battery is the most important on a scooter. The electric scooter battery also contributes greatly to the final price of an electric scooter. The better the electric scooter batteries are the higher is the E-roller price.

Latest electric scooters usually use NiCd batteries or NiMH batteries.
Cheap electric scooters are often lead-acid batteries. This electric scooter batteries are cheap, but unfortunately do not have very long life.
The largest differences between the electric scooter batteries, the capacity of the electric scooter batteries, and the number of cycles.
With cycles are the number of charge cycles. If an electric scooter battery has 1000 cycles for example, then you can charge these electric scooter battery 1000 times.
If they know the number of cycles, then you can calculate how much battery charge will be 100 km away.

E-roller battery has 1000 cycles.
E-roller distance is 70 kilometers.
Cost of battery: 299 - EUR


* Cycles = total mileage range of the battery
So: 70 km * 1000 = 70000 km

Price of the battery / total mileage * 100 = price per 100 km
So: 299 - EUR / 70000 km * 100 = 0.427 EUR

The battery costs therefore amount to about 43 cents per 100 kilometers.

Power consumption:
At 100 kilometers with an electric scooter fall about 80 cents in electricity costs.
A total of 100 kilometers with a free electric scooter then EUR 1.23.
A normal gasoline scooters could fill up for 1 liter would be about 35 km and far!