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Electric scooter

E-roller Electric scooters are definitely a convenient alternative to a bezin powered scooters.
Currently, E-scooter need about 4 kWh (kilowatt hours) per 100 km. The current cost is a kilowatt cost 21 cents then 84 cents to go with an electric scooter to 100 kilometers.
The fuel consumption at a normal scooter is about 3 liters per 100 km, which means about 3.60 EUR If fuel costs for 100 kilometers.
However, we must at the scooter even as casualties of losing the batteries (battery) is broken with time. In the electric scooter batteries, there are very large differences.
There are expensive batteries for scooters that have a very long life. There are also the best batteries for electric scooters, but they have a shorter life span.
If you want to buy an electric scooter, then there is the e-roller battery definitely the most important decision. To help you in deciding on our side, we have built an electric scooter cost calculator.
Generally one can say that for people who use the electric scooter scooter with a bit of a cheap battery longer worthwhile.
If you use the electric scooters a day, then you should have a e-scooter with an expensive scooter battery preferred.
The costs amount to which arise from the electric scooter battery between 20 cents per kWh of removed and 1 - EUR per kWh of removed!

An electric scooter is mainly in cities, a very good means of transportation. It's just fun driving an E-scooter.
Moreover, it is obviously something special that you never need to gas station and the current drive in comparison to petrol costs virtually nothing.

The electric scooters usually drive about 50 km / h fast. Acceleration from 0-30 is 5 to 10 seconds.
In the range there are very large differences. The range is from 40 km / h to 150 km / h.

A further advantage over a normal scooter is the low volume and that the e-roller is very environmentally friendly.

An electric scooters cost between 800th - and 3000 EUR - EUR. Even the best scooter can be very good.

Tips to buy and to buy an electric scooter can be found on this page.
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