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EM5000 The electric scooter GECO-fun is a good electric scooter at a good price.
The fun of the GECO-power is 2000 watts and is therefore much higher than the performance of the GECO-joy.
The price for the fun GECO is 1699 .- Euro. Its top speed is throttled to 45 mph.
The electric scooter batteries can be recharged over 250 times.



EM5000 The electric scooter GECO-joy is the starter model of the firm GECO-scooter.
The GECO-joy 1249th costs - Euro. The GECO-joy has a 1100 watt motor. The empty weight of the electric scooter GECO-joy is 98 kg.
The range of the GECO-joy is about 55 km. The battery of GECO-joy can be recharged over 250 times.



EM5000 The electric scooter GECO2 is the top model of the firm Geco-scooter. Probably the biggest feature of the GECO2 is that this electric scooter was designed in Germany and is built in Germany.
It is probably the only current electric scooter model, which is Made in Germany. The prize for the 2199th is GECO2 - Euro.
Ensure that the GECO2 a really great quality of this is a good price.